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Another Good “How I got hooked…” Story

I love a good story about how people got hooked into Geocaching.  They’re usually pretty funny and I know you people can relate.  They also tend to come with those “WTF were you thinking?!?” questions from muggle family members.  This … Continue reading

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Interview With Marko Ramius: The Reviewer (part 2)

The Setup In the first article on Re-Introducing the 3rd Player: The Reviewer I just covered a few basics. This time around I have a bona-fide Reviewer who was kind enough to indulge me a few questions on your behalf. … Continue reading

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New Geocaching.Com GPS Reviews Feature

Have you noticed the “GPS” profile data feature on lately?  This is a bit of a sneaky back door for a feature I have been clamoring about for ages: Proper GPS reviews by the people who use them I … Continue reading

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Geocache Placement Update

I finally figured out how to place a cache in somebody’s front yard safely and creatively.  I’ve also done my homework on a different missing cache in my “Don’t Do This!” series, the annoying mystery cache. Oh man this is … Continue reading

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Planning for a “Crush” Event – Part 3

Part 3: All About the Pocket Query In Part 0 we established the Crush event as something you should not treat lightly.  In Part 1 you have established your basic organization and planning structure, while in Part 2 you made official decisions … Continue reading

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A Poll: What do you want to see next?

I’ve asked, but you people are a shy audience, with only the lonely hot tub engineer brave enough to post commentary.  You Geocachers tend to be introverted, I get that. Hence, a poll: What do you want to see more … Continue reading

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Some Visitors

It looks like I have a little more than the usual traffic, so welcome all!  If you have specific topics or how-tos you want me to cover please feel free to contact me through my profile (handy link to … Continue reading

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Some Good Background for the Newbies

And the oldies, too.  Drat19 has some handy thoughts on cache hiding, some of which are just plain good advice no matter how long you’ve been at it.  Try these two for some good reading: Opinions on Geocache Hiding His … Continue reading

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Have I Mentioned I Am a Geek?

You could call me a Geek-O-Cacher. 🙂 I am right at this moment about to prove my geek credentials.  What do all these things have in common?  Read on and find out James Burke Me Petabytes of Data Storage Phil … Continue reading

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My Nominee for Rookie of the Year

Has to go to Photo Trekkers.  They laid down their Easter Egg series (haw haw) recently and I really want them to keep it around past Easter.  There are problems with these caches to be sure, like coordinates and containers … Continue reading

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