Resources and Tools

Some `handy links and Geocaching resources for your use.

Stash notes, logs, announcements, calendars, whatever…it will all be here.

Getting Started

  • Geocaching abbreviations/acronyms: I keep this post on abbreviations updated with occasional new entries.
  • Another collection of links can be found on Tripbuzz, here.

Templates/Tools for Your Cache Hunt

These templates and tools are all designed to make your life easier on the cache hunt.

Software and Web Resources

  • GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) home page.  Say hi to Clyde!  I have a zillion posts on GSAK use, so read those after you download and install GSAK.
  •  All your stats are belong to us, online.  Just upload your “my finds” pocket query and see some great statistics summaries and reports.  Some good fodder for your geocaching profile page is to be found here.  My favorite metric?  Total Cache-to-Cache distance.
  • Logicweave’s CacheStats.  My favorite tool for tracking personal Geocaching stats.  All of your stats and some nice news, blog links, notifications and “stuff” to look at in the latest version.  If you want those nifty detailed charts and maps on your profile page, go get CacheStats.
  • Cacherstats: Rankings for Geocachers with 200 or More Finds.  This is an online resource.

Trail Maps and Overheads

Don’t leave home without ’em!

  • Greater Calaveras
    This is a very large format, high resolution overhead photo mosaic I created to begin mapping the Calaveras trails in Carlsbad/Vista, CA.  Others will follow for easy printing and laminating.

Stash Note and Log Templates

All of these are either created or substantially modified by me, but they are free to use for your Geocaching purposes.  I only ask you to drop me a note in the comments if they work out for you or you would like to see other varieties.  Check the document properties for printing/usage instructions.

  • ammo-can-inside-label_pjk_010909_v01
    This is a nice,  short stash note designed to be glued to the inside lid of a standard 11″x4″x7″ (give or take) ammo can (small ammo can).  It looks great, has plenty of room for you to paste from your cache description page and will last a long time if you cover it with clear packing tape or laminate.
  • altoids-rules-cards_pjk_010909_v01
    Another inside of the lid stash note/rules card for your standard 2.5″x3.5″ Altoids tin.  Print, cut and glue.
  • altoids-35mm-pill-bottle-log-templates_pjk_010909_v01
    This single document houses 3 separate Geocaching log templates, one each for an Altoids tin, 35mm Film Can and a small Pill Bottle.  You’ll find the last two in the Excel spreadsheet embedded in the Word Document download.
  • mandm-tube-log-and-note-template_pjk_010909_v01
    For your standard 3.5″ deep M&M tube containers, this combo log and stash note will print two per page.  Print double sided on 8.5″x11″ paper for a quick and snappy roll up log.
  • snack-bag-log-template_pjk_050209_v01
    This log template is designed to fit those little half-sized sandwich bags, or snack bags, without folding or mangling so your log will stay flat and dry much longer.

Handy Geocaching Links

HTML for Cache Pages and Logs

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