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The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

No, seriously, we will.  If there is any doubt, I’m here with a set of PowerPoint slides a customer actually dared me to create to show them I could make a useful analogy about anything under my purview.  So they … Continue reading

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Former Burger King employee, meet 4chan

  Burger King Employee Stands on Lettuce: Busted by Internet | Shine Food – Yahoo! Shine. Guess he never heard they just do it for the lulz. /b/ eats at Burger King, too, you dummy.

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In Honor of Ted’s Profile Picture That is all.

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Things I Learned Visiting Montana

Things I learned visiting Montana this week: Geocaching in Montana is not at all what I expected. I was looking for ammo cans sprinkled everywhere like so much sawdust from the local mill. Not so much. They like to hide … Continue reading

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