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A few of my favorite 2017 things . . .

This has been a very interesting year in my household. It certainly seems to have flown by as well. I’ve been fortune enough to have discovered some really cool stuff this year, and they certainly show where my priority lies … Continue reading

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Big Data, Meet the Mouse

Caveat: Peter is both a stockholder of The Walt Disney Company (DIS) and one of the world’s biggest mouse-ear-wearing nutjobs.  You can occasionally find him sipping coffee on the Lilly Belle. I should probably have titled this “Oh, I see … Continue reading

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Professor for a Day

A very good friend of mine, Terez Anderson, is a professor of Speech Communication at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA.  She and I attended San Diego State University together.  Now she works with my old Forensics coach at MiraCosta, Neil … Continue reading

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If the shoe fits…

Eat crow. That’s right, eat crow.  If you are late to the show I have been lamenting the demise of Knapp Shoes for what seems like a decade.  Recently I got a strange follow-up e-mail.  It seemed too good to … Continue reading

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The reports of (their) death were greatly exaggerated. (Citation Needed)

One of my most popular posts is this one, wherein I lament the demise of my favorite cobblers, Knapp.  The short version is that I have invested an awful lot of time and hope trying to secure a pair of … Continue reading

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Is Louis C.K. a model for cloud services?

OK, so maybe that is a stretch but the enterprising cloud service provider should still take heed.  The phenomenally hilarious comedian (YMMV) Louis C.K. completely circumvented the major ticket brokers and managed to sell his own tickets.  Eliminating the middle … Continue reading

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Rack and Pinion Telescope Focuser Fix for Too Much Rock

Do you have back and forth rock in your rack and pinion focuser? I did and I fixed it with about $15 worth of parts. The illustrated story, below. At the bottom I have a parts list and step-by-step instructions … Continue reading

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Knapp Shoes – RIP Old Friend

UPDATE: 5 December, 2012 This post is one on which I receive the most commentary and questions (or helpful updates).  That said, you should take a look at my more recent update.  While this post was pretty accurate at the … Continue reading

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I Take My Shoes Seriously

That’s why I wear Knapp shoes.  I mention it for a few reasons; first, because this company went out of business a few years back and I have been wearing my last pair of Knapps on earth for at least … Continue reading

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More Templates Added

On the Resources tab, above, I have added a few more templates to help your Caching and Stashing.  Enjoy. Note: WordPress will not let me upload MS Excel documents, so many of the templates are MS Word documents with MS … Continue reading

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