I Take My Shoes Seriously

That’s why I wear Knapp shoes.  I mention it for a few reasons; first, because this company went out of business a few years back and I have been wearing my last pair of Knapps on earth for at least 4 or 5 years.  This is my dress shoe; more accurately a “uniform shoe” you would more easily recognize on the feet of a beat cop in Boston.

And yes, I said 4 years.  They are looking their age but they polish up nicely and I wore the pair before these at my wedding in 1997.  They just last (pun intended).  I know at least one of my readers has a thing for $800 Italian loafers but I have a serious addiction to my 2359s.  Plain-Toe Rocker Bottom Oxford, black, oil resistant.  They work in the shop and under a tuxedo equally well.  The safety toe doesn’t need steel because the leather is so farking thick cows have hide envy.  It doesn’t need steel, but you can get it.  The support is so good I can stand on an inch of surface across the arches of my feet and it feels like I’m standing on a solid table.  They are more comfortable than my Nikes and I wear them to work, on the trail and in the yard every single day.  Only problem: they went out of business.

And now, they’re back.

I didn’t link to their main site because, well, they don’t have my size in production yet and they told me last year I could expect something in January.  That, and they aren’t paying me to show how cool their shoes are yet.  Harumph.  Guys: call me when you have 3 pair of 2359 in 10 1/2 EEE stocked.  I’ve logged over 600 Geocaches in my Knapp 2359s.  Throw a dog a bone and sew me up some shoes, willya?

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7 Responses to I Take My Shoes Seriously

  1. Leonhard Paul Euler says:

    I can’t even tell you how many caching opportunities I have passed up on my lunch hour because I am wearing my Dockers and dweeb shoes. Casual Friday is the best I can do during the week.

  2. Leonhard Paul Euler says:

    I was caching with Doug on Saturday, and we needed some water for a tricky TTOT-required container extraction. To my surprise, while I am at the water’s edge on the beach trying to keep my feet dry, reaching out in a weak attempt to fill our vessel, Doug walked right into the water and got what we needed. Waterproof shoes, he tells me. Good idea.

  3. kinzuakid says:

    Well my Knapps USED TO BE waterproof, but the giant hole forming in the side is not helping matters. I’ve been seen caching on a trail in my jacket and, on the rare occasions I wear one, a tie. I’ve brought a half dozen clients on a hunt during lunch hours. Good times. Muddy shoes, but good times.

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  5. Aurelio Ramos Jr says:

    Dear Knapp Shoes:
    I can not stand the cheep no good shoes being made in China and sold in stores like Famous Shoe stores, Payless, K-Mart, Wal-Mart and Target. I bought a pair of shoes from Famous and the sole craked by the heal. I now of your shoes from my days working at FedEx and the construction was excellent from your casual shoes, dress shoes, boots, police shoes, puckers, and gym shoes. I have nothing against China, I love Chinease food but for shoes, you guys were the best. Come back.
    Aurelio Ramos Jr.

  6. Brenda Jordan says:

    My father sold Knapp Shoes when I was growing up. He worked in a Cotton Mill. And selling Knapp Shoes brought in extra money. Even the Bankers and other prominent people bought the shoes. In fact this afternoon, I was wanting to purchase some shoes for my great nephew– shoes which would hold up and be comfortable- after googling I am saddened that Knapp shoes are no more.

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