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Out of Pocket

I have a death in the family and a whole lot of work to deal with, simultaneously.  I’ve got to punch out for a bit here.  Shoot, I didn’t even try for the FTF last night on 3 caches so … Continue reading

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More Stuff Added to the Resources Tab

I hear tell the HTML business in cache descriptions and logs is everyone’s big thorn-in-side.  I put the consolidated notes into a Word document and put the link on the resources tab.  (look up) I’m sure you’ll find it.  Happy … Continue reading

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Free GSAK Key For the Taking

This is GSAK, or Geocaching Swiss Army Knife.  I’ve written about GSAK before, both here and here. A good handful of you thieving pirates have found this blog by way of Google searches for “GSAK Key”, “GSAK Crack” and a … Continue reading

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Wherein I Get Pwned

On my own blog, no less. I made this braggadocio entry about my mileage and states knocked off the list with a find and then a single commenter weighs in: Lotrat, with some even more impressive stats.  18:32 with 56K … Continue reading

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How am I Maintaining?

I’ve been in Atlanta for 2 days and have logged precisely zero finds. That should tell you how much more fun work is than caching right now. 😉

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GPSFileDepot – Like Unexpected Presents in the Mail

GPSFileDepot – Custom Maps, Ximage hosting, tutorials, articles and more for your GPSr. Am I the last guy on earth to discover this gem of the intarwebs?  Folks, I just downloaded and installed the entire 900MB California Topo map to … Continue reading

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On the Road (Again Again)

So have a peek at my favorite bookmarks of late. FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments.  Sorry, it was just too tempting. Play Pandemic 2, a free online game on Kongregate.  I love this game, … Continue reading

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How To Guide on HTML for Cache Pages

I stumbled across Nozen’s Geocaching HTML cheatsheet and it looks pretty good.  Cleaning up the HTML seems to be the most difficult part in writing up a new cache hide.  This should help!

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Comment Filters Adjusted

So I was using this horrible “black list” of words that was capturing almost every post as spam.  Hopefully we have that fixed by now.  Try leaving a comment or two.  They should post now right away unless you are … Continue reading

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I Take My Shoes Seriously

That’s why I wear Knapp shoes.  I mention it for a few reasons; first, because this company went out of business a few years back and I have been wearing my last pair of Knapps on earth for at least … Continue reading

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