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Remember how I said I stay away from certain kinds of news?

I said it here and here.  Check your facts?  Optional.  Draw only conclusions the available data actually support?  Laughable. Find someone who absolutely nails it on the freaking head?  Unheard of, but damned if JD Ferries-Rowe does not come along … Continue reading

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Former Burger King employee, meet 4chan

  Burger King Employee Stands on Lettuce: Busted by Internet | Shine Food – Yahoo! Shine. Guess he never heard they just do it for the lulz. /b/ eats at Burger King, too, you dummy.

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Demand Management does not mean what you think it means

So can we stop mangling the term in the same way people have destroyed the word “theory” over the last 50 years?  A theory is not some cockamamie idea you thought up 5 minutes ago but a rational, supported, tested … Continue reading

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ArduSat – By the numbers

676 Backers $106,330 pledged against a… $35,000 goal via ArduSat – Your Arduino Experiment in Space by ppl4world — Kickstarter. I’ve written about this twice before. Here, and here.  With this kind of support the ArduSat team can launch a … Continue reading

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Big Data and Creativity

One of the things I appreciated most about my high school education was the fact that the curriculum was developed with the express goal of teaching us how to think rather than teaching us by rote.  There was no “new … Continue reading

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It just got that way.  Read Relativistic Baseball. My FSM that guy is awesome.  PS: just been enjoying the summer a bit too much.  Look for another wordy opinion piece in the next couple of days.  My apologies to those … Continue reading

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On censoring and innovation

Perhaps it’s apophenia or selection bias but reading Stephen’s latest post over at Pack Rat on Tim Cook and Steve Ballmer struck a chord with some other stuff I’ve been reading and thinking about. As I wrote previously I’ve been … Continue reading

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SPAM: Just one nugget of truth

Warning: this is a nonsense post.  Just move along if you are not fascinated by the myriad ways spammers try to get around the filters. I hate spam but I do like Spam.  There is a difference.  Below is the … Continue reading

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Adventures in Hi-Fi

I consolidated my home office and listening area in a bedroom last year, moving things from the basement and our living room, in an effort to spend more time up with the family.  All in all it has been great, … Continue reading

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