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xkcd: Exoplanets

xkcd: Exoplanets. How do I miss these things?

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Getting back to living. . .

I spend a lot of time talking with customers and my team about transformation.  How we can transform IT, how we can transform our relationship with our customers, and how can we transform our business to continue to compete and … Continue reading

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Is Louis C.K. a model for cloud services?

OK, so maybe that is a stretch but the enterprising cloud service provider should still take heed.  The phenomenally hilarious comedian (YMMV) Louis C.K. completely circumvented the major ticket brokers and managed to sell his own tickets.  Eliminating the middle … Continue reading

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Tesla Model S: Please be here when I am ready for a new car

Tip o the hat to Yahoo! for the article and eye candy yesterday.  I have coveted the Model S since I first saw its design renderings.  I did some work at the old NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA where they … Continue reading

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Scientists crack RSA SecurID 800 tokens, or not

Caveat: I am not a cryptology guy and I stopped running a security consulting practice years ago, so feel free to correct my oversimplified illustrations in the comments.  Accuracy is important. This breathless article from Ars Technica declares in large … Continue reading

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Ah, measurement, you vex everybody

This was a tough 2-page read: No one watches TV, Nielsen, and you know it • The Register.  The main argument is that nobody watches television programming anymore in a “linear” fashion; this is to say nobody watches like they … Continue reading

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Using run books for fun and profit (and sanity)

I recently had an argument with some of my colleagues about the difficulty and value of developing operational run books for an IT shop.  By “recently” I mean every single day of my life.  Since I must defend the utility … Continue reading

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Update: ArduSat Funded!

Remember this from a couple days ago?  Yeah, well they hit their goal to launch the satellite! ArduSat – Your Arduino Experiment in Space by ppl4world » Comments — Kickstarter. What’s more, they still have 22 days to go.  If … Continue reading

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My wife’s at a conference at which I should be speaking

It’s a bit of a role reversal, what with me not on the road and all, but I’m good.  I know how to heat a Hot Pocket and feed the kids from a bowl.  McDonald’s is healthy, right? Still, she’s … Continue reading

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How investors can make money off the ‘cloud’ – write empty articles

How investors can make money off the ‘cloud’ – Just get paid to write more articles like this about “the cloud”.  If you never have to speak clearly, define any terms or even use them correctly and still get … Continue reading

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