My wife’s at a conference at which I should be speaking

It’s a bit of a role reversal, what with me not on the road and all, but I’m good.  I know how to heat a Hot Pocket and feed the kids from a bowl.  McDonald’s is healthy, right?

Still, she’s there and I’m here.  She should be liveblogging her current session on money saving travel tips from a “road warrior” so you all can enjoy the epic fail with me.  Apparently the speaker has offered up such gems as “get a Visa Black card.”  The guy billed himself as a “Chief Opportunity Officer”, which I think means he is unemployed and chiefly looking for an opportunity right now.  He should be.  Word is the guy mentioned his name once and declined to hand out business cards.  Smart move when you’re giving out patently bad advice.

Why wasn’t I invited to present that session again?  I have a dozen different ways to leech free WiFi just ready to go in slide form.

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