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Tech news I can actually bear to read

ReadWrite – Let’s All Shed Tears For The Crappy Startups That Can’t Raise Any More Money. I finally found some tech news I can stomach, unlike the rest of it.  Maybe that’s because it isn’t news at all, but actual … Continue reading

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Why I Read News, NOT Tech “News”

I read The Economist, Financial Times (when I can find it) and maybe the local paper in the city I find myself each week.  Online, I follow about 3 blogs and Fark.  I don’t, as a rule, read any of … Continue reading

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c:geo gone, but not forgotten

If you have been following any of the hot topics on the Geocaching front lately you know that Carnero has stopped development on his c:geo Geocaching app for the Android mobile OS.  It seems Carnero takes exception to the perceived … Continue reading

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Free GSAK Key For the Taking

This is GSAK, or Geocaching Swiss Army Knife.  I’ve written about GSAK before, both here and here. A good handful of you thieving pirates have found this blog by way of Google searches for “GSAK Key”, “GSAK Crack” and a … Continue reading

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Wherein I Get Pwned

On my own blog, no less. I made this braggadocio entry about my mileage and states knocked off the list with a find and then a single commenter weighs in: Lotrat, with some even more impressive stats.  18:32 with 56K … Continue reading

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GPSFileDepot – Like Unexpected Presents in the Mail

GPSFileDepot – Custom Maps, Ximage hosting, tutorials, articles and more for your GPSr. Am I the last guy on earth to discover this gem of the intarwebs?  Folks, I just downloaded and installed the entire 900MB California Topo map to … Continue reading

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On the Road (Again Again)

So have a peek at my favorite bookmarks of late. FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments.  Sorry, it was just too tempting. Play Pandemic 2, a free online game on Kongregate.  I love this game, … Continue reading

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Why Is All the Swag Crap?

An interesting question has been put to the forums by a new Geocacher:  “What’s the deal with degenerating swag?“.  The responses are right on the money and I think I am in agreement with the masses.  The quality of Geocaching … Continue reading

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More Geocaching Bomb Scare Nonsense

A thread got started in January on the Geocaching forums,  Caches to Ashes and Ammo Cans to Dust, one that is right up my alley because things get asploded! Sadly, it’s a Geocache that gets blown up in this picture.  … Continue reading

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Map This Trail

If you load up this morning you’ll see their new project with the Rails to Trails Conservancy.  If you missed the Groundspeak blurb on it, you can see it, here. If you read up a little bit, you will see Groundspeak … Continue reading

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