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Wait, you just got Twitter?

Yes, I can finally be found on Twitter (again, actually) as @TheKinzuaKid.  You might try to say I am behind the times but you would be wrong.

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If the shoe fits…

Eat crow. That’s right, eat crow.  If you are late to the show I have been lamenting the demise of Knapp Shoes for what seems like a decade.  Recently I got a strange follow-up e-mail.  It seemed too good to … Continue reading

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Bo Knows Virtualization

A little shout-out is in order to my friend and colleague Christopher Kusek over at  I have no idea what the URL means, but since he has authored a book or two and has a decent following, something is … Continue reading

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I Officially Suck

The boss and I (Ted, back me up on this one) have been remiss.  We’ve been distracted for the last month or so.  My travel schedule changed radically, it is the end of the quarter, kids are back to school, … Continue reading

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