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A little shout-out is in order to my friend and colleague Christopher Kusek over at  I have no idea what the URL means, but since he has authored a book or two and has a decent following, something is working for him.  Christopher is multi-talented and his material reminded me of a Bo Jackson and that awesome short story “Bo Knows Fiction”.  Since we are in between seasons for Christopher, so to speak, I thought I would point you in his direction.

I want to call your attention to two of his recent posts.  The first is this one.  Christopher and I have different backgrounds and focus areas in IT.  I like to think of myself as the blue collar nerd.  When it comes down to it, I like to know how the nuts and bolts fit together, what cogs and wheels influence the output and how to tie it all together (and fix it when IT breaks).  Christopher has a much better sense of vision than I for some of these emerging technologies.  Having a good future-state vision, however, needs the input of people who can temper it with practical experience to make it real.  I was glad to see him give a few props to his core team of Ed Lynam, Bob Martin, Steve Nassif and Michael Gong.  I’ve worked with these guys for almost 10 years and he is right; they are all rock stars.  Much of my success has been built on their massive contributions to my practice.  If you meet one of them, tell them I said so.  None of them read my insignificant screeds, anyway.

Christopher is also correct when he says-

This industry is ready for an upset the likes of which we haven’t seen in a decade

I suspect he will be working on that during his sabbatical.  I shall try to intimate some of the nature of that change in a few upcoming posts.  In the mean time, there was a rumor going around he was in the midst of another book.  We shall see.  Hey Christopher, send me a copy if you ever finish that thing off so we can review it for you.  hint…hint…

The second post was this one, wherein he discusses the difference between eating your own dog food and drinking your own champagne.  I always liked the “dogfooding” mantra, though the more prudish in my space frown on the term because they think it is degrading.  Degrading to whom, I ask?  If you have ever worked with some of the processes and tools I have had the displeasure of encountering, you would say our canine friends get the short end of that analogy.

Your dog wants steak, and so do your IT customers.  Tell them to read more Kusek and chat up some of our mutually favorite rock stars when you see them.

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