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Geocaching India is Going to be Tough

I’m headed in that direction today, Bangalore to be specific, so I pulled a pocket query just to do some walkabout planning in the city. 6 caches within 55 miles of Bangalore and 4 of those “need maintenance”?  Oh this … Continue reading

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Tech news I can actually bear to read

ReadWrite – Let’s All Shed Tears For The Crappy Startups That Can’t Raise Any More Money. I finally found some tech news I can stomach, unlike the rest of it.  Maybe that’s because it isn’t news at all, but actual … Continue reading

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Why I Read News, NOT Tech “News”

I read The Economist, Financial Times (when I can find it) and maybe the local paper in the city I find myself each week.  Online, I follow about 3 blogs and Fark.  I don’t, as a rule, read any of … Continue reading

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Spam Cache Hides? Say it ain’t so!

Trolling the forums I came across this gem of a topic: LuckyPlan asks… Where we live, there is a cacher who ownes about 2 1/2 thousand caches under his account. Many/most are of very poor quality and of course, unmaintained. … Continue reading

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c:geo gone, but not forgotten

If you have been following any of the hot topics on the Geocaching front lately you know that Carnero has stopped development on his c:geo Geocaching app for the Android mobile OS.  It seems Carnero takes exception to the perceived … Continue reading

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Things I Learned Visiting Montana

Things I learned visiting Montana this week: Geocaching in Montana is not at all what I expected. I was looking for ammo cans sprinkled everywhere like so much sawdust from the local mill. Not so much. They like to hide … Continue reading

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What Geocaching Can Teach Us About Demand Management

Welcome! As my inaugural post on The Practical Polymath I wanted to make some kind of introduction, maybe a little getting to know you post…you know, something soft.  Truthfully, you don’t care about me so let’s just dive right in with … Continue reading

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Quick and Dirty Update

I’ve hit over 85,000 Geocaching miles.  Suck it, Lotrat. Calipers pointed out I need to review GeoBuddy and compare it to GSAK.  Stay tuned. Somebody was musing about a North SD County meet and greet.  Let’s get it on, folks. … Continue reading

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Valley of the Fountains

WARNING – SPOILERS BELOW THE FOLD! Fountain Valley Cache and Dash, Dawn To Dusk on May 30, 2009. Check this out (Click to embiggen): Dougandsuzy and Calipers hung around after a meet and greet for one more round a few … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

Work is a bear and the road has been beating me up, but I’m back.  Stand by for adventures with Calipers and Dougandsuzy. I hear Suzy doesn’t like to be called that, Doug.  You should work on changing your name. … Continue reading

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