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Welcome to the Infrastructure Conspiracy blog!

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Geez, this podcaching thing is catching on

When WordPress is flagging podcaching posts for me automatically, I think we’ve got critical mass…

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Cectic Never Disappoints

I’d love to medicate my children to calm them down, but then that stuff costs money and I probably wouldn’t find this comic as funny as I do…

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Mars, Methane and Mumma

In between the minor events held Tuesday and the outlandish weather all over the country the prior week there was this tiny little news story about methane on Mars.  As usual, the Bad Astronomer had the best coverage. … Continue reading

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Tools of The Trade

TOTTs.  You know, all that geo-retrieval crap you pack with you to make the Geocaching find in those “tricky” spots.  Everyone else’s bag seems to be a lot more loaded up than mine these days, a fact for which I … Continue reading

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I’ve had some junk clogging up my computer over the past few days, preventing me from doing any writing at all.  I lost a complete post in all the muck yesterday, which was very nearly the same experience I had … Continue reading

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Planning for a “Crush” Event – Part 2

Part 2: T-Minus 3 Months, What Are We Looking For? So you’ve been Geocaching for a while and you think you are just insane enough to try for “100 caches in 24 hours!”, “As many as we can get before we … Continue reading

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Caching Escondido/San Marcos Today

And I’ll be heading out around 10:30-11am.  I don’t know whether I’m hitting the off-road hides or the rest of them yet.  Ping me if you’re on the trail and want to hook up for lunch. Happy caching!

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Out of Town Again

And actually happy to be there for once.  It’s nice to get back into the familiar work rhythms after the holidays, especially when it takes me to San Jose and vicinity. That makes me less prolific posting and utterly dangerous … Continue reading

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Audiophiles of the World, Enjoy

I got this hilarious write-up forwarded to me yesterday.  I love it.  It wouldn’t be funny if people didn’t actually buy crap like that, though.  As evidence: Monster Cables Light Switch Covers Magic Chips The pseudoscience associated with electronics has … Continue reading

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