Tools of The Trade

TOTTs.  You know, all that geo-retrieval crap you pack with you to make the Geocaching find in those “tricky” spots.  Everyone else’s bag seems to be a lot more loaded up than mine these days, a fact for which I both regret and am thankful, simultaneously.  I like to bike or hike to caches, so that bit about carrying around 20 pounds of gear just isn’t me- but am I missing something?  Am I making the find more difficult/impossible?  What could I improve on, folks?

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, or at least tell me what I am missing…

All I carry Geocaching in my tool bag besides the GPS, phone and pen nowadays is:

  1. A Leatherman or short knife
  2. A strong magnet
  3. Some string
  4. A compass
  5. A flashlight

That’s it.  I’ve heard about mirrors and  seen someone pull out hemostats for a nano cache, but never used them myself.  How often do you need this sort of thing and what was the most complicated “needs a tool” cache you ever ran across?  Oh- and what’s in your Geocaching tool bag?

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2 Responses to Tools of The Trade

  1. Father Calipers says:

    I carry a Leatherman Squirt, which is miniature version and can fit in your pocket. That comes in handy when you dash for a cache without your backpack.

    I always carry little packets of wet-wipes. Especially handy (pun intended) for caching with the kids or those older caches covered in rat poo.

    What do you carry your water in? One hand on a GPS and the other carrying a bottle of water makes signing logs or crawling rocks a pain.

  2. kinzuakid says:

    I run with a backpack. It is a little one to be sure, but it gets the job done for bottles of water. I am about to upgrade the geo-bike with a GPS mount for my Garmin 60cx and a Camelbak for the summer hikes/bikes.
    Unlike normal (read: have common sense) people I plan on mauling MTRP this summer.

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