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The Console Living Room

The Internet Archive now has a “Console Living Room” where you can play classic console games in a browser?   I’ll see you in June.

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Book Review: Phoenix Project

The Kinzua Kid is a Blue Collar IT guy, through and through; always has been, always will be.  That’s why I generally eschew management philosophy books and complicated process models that fail to account for the way people actually, well, … Continue reading

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Junk Mail Is Fun

Somehow I’m on Techgtarget’s spam list and this is what graced the inbox this morning: Gartner research suggests that any data center site that is more than 7 years old is obsolete.  Whether true or false, constructing a new data … Continue reading

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“Tell Me about Yourself” Is not the dumbest question, but it is the dullest

I warned you I might do this. In the long list of career advice articles, this one is not the worst topic but it does miss a great opportunity to treat the subject properly.  While interviewers do frequently break the … Continue reading

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I am the Kinzua Kid

I am the Kinzua Kid.  We’ll tackle why that is in a moment but first I must apologize.  I haven’t been terribly productive of late, having been “offline” for about a month as I wrestled with some important decisions.  It’s … Continue reading

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