More Behavioral Guidance for the Newly Employed

If you’re looking for another snarky take on common foibles our newly minted consultants show off like a peacock’s feathers, you’ll have to wait. That’s coming. The next one is going to be a rant, so I need to lay a foundation here with someone more professional than myself.

Scott Cameron is one of the Cloud Architects (along with the 7 other hats he wears) I work with and he’s helpfully prepared a few pieces I wish every fresh out of college worker would read. With that:

Seven E-mail Tips and Tricks
Don’t be fooled, these aren’t tips for using Outlook. These are tips to help avoid getting your sorry ass fired.

Do You Know When to Shut Up?
Scout’s honor, Scott had no idea I wrote this piece on the 3-Shut-Up Rule when he wrote his screed. Just read his whole article in your most annoying grandparent’s voice and you’ll get a good sense for how you’re ruining everything.

So You Want Computer Consultant Scott Cameron?
If I’m being honest, no. I don’t. You, however, do. This one should be mandatory reading for our job applicants and university outreach participants before jumping in with both feet to the consulting lifestyle. It’s more a bit on what makes a good consultant than an advertisement for Scott’s services (he’s already gainfully employed, thanks).

This should keep the HR folks and Resource Managers who troll PracticalPolymath for their latest talking points busy for a few weeks while I finish off my next epic whinge.

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