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Five Years

I thought I’d post a few thoughts and get back into the swing of blogging on the occasion of my five year anniversary with EMC Consulting.  The last five years have brought a huge amount of change for me both … Continue reading

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Quick and Dirty Update

I’ve hit over 85,000 Geocaching miles.  Suck it, Lotrat. Calipers pointed out I need to review GeoBuddy and compare it to GSAK.  Stay tuned. Somebody was musing about a North SD County meet and greet.  Let’s get it on, folks. … Continue reading

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Thanks to the Well-Wishers

Thanks, all of you who commented or dropped me a line regarding my recent, ah- business back in the home country (North Tonawanda, NY).  My grandmother has not been well with my father, various aunts, uncles and cousins looking out … Continue reading

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Valley of the Fountains

WARNING – SPOILERS BELOW THE FOLD! Fountain Valley Cache and Dash, Dawn To Dusk on May 30, 2009. Check this out (Click to embiggen): Dougandsuzy and Calipers hung around after a meet and greet for one more round a few … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

Work is a bear and the road has been beating me up, but I’m back.  Stand by for adventures with Calipers and Dougandsuzy. I hear Suzy doesn’t like to be called that, Doug.  You should work on changing your name. … Continue reading

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