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What is Virtualization?

I’ve been interviewing several people to lead up the Virtualization group of my organization lately and one of the candidates asked me an excellent question, “Well, what do you mean by Virtualization?”.  Very good question, am I talking about VMware, … Continue reading

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What, you wanted me to report the NEWS?

I rarely catch CNN any more.  I clearly need to start watching Don Lemon. Don Lemon via Jon Stewart

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Spam Cache Hides? Say it ain’t so!

Trolling the forums I came across this gem of a topic: LuckyPlan asks… Where we live, there is a cacher who ownes about 2 1/2 thousand caches under his account. Many/most are of very poor quality and of course, unmaintained. … Continue reading

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Cloud Heresy

I’m about to commit a bit of cloud heresy as a technology guy writing about cloud and claiming that it’s really not all about hypervisors, automation and orchestration.  Sure, you need a measure of these components in order to be … Continue reading

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NASA’s 4TB Per Day

I imagine these folks know something about a cloud.  That NASA collects 4TB of data per day was actually a little surprising to me; I thought the number would be higher.  Still, it’s a staggering quantity on the order of … Continue reading

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It slices, it dices…

I get e-mail.  Like this one from one of our technical sales consultants: Hi, dumb question but I have been asked it a couple of times and I wanted to see how you would answer it.  Why would clients choose … Continue reading

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Why Information is like Cognac

With apologies to Chuck Hollis at EMC and James Governor at RedMonk I decided to take a crack at this whole “Why Applications are like fish and Data is like Wine” meme by extending it to posit that Information is … Continue reading

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