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Why Information is like Cognac

With apologies to Chuck Hollis at EMC and James Governor at RedMonk I decided to take a crack at this whole “Why Applications are like fish and Data is like Wine” meme by extending it to posit that Information is … Continue reading

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Security needs Automation

Recently there’s been some chatter about the role of automation in Security and whether it is appropriate or not as a business strategy much less a security strategy.  Jeffrey Carr states that EMC’s wrong that automation is an efficiency and security … Continue reading

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Trusted Cloud

More and more I’m hearing that it is no longer a matter of ‘if’ clients will use cloud computing in some way but a matter of ‘how’ and ‘when’.  Security is often listed as the number one concern regarding cloud … Continue reading

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Strategies for Private Cloud Initiatives

Later this week I’ll be presenting as a part of our EMC Live! webcasts on Building Strategies for Private Cloud Initiatives. I’ve been thinking more about what EMC’s Private Cloud vision means and how it is being implemented by our … Continue reading

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