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Clouds on the horizon

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about clouds and the future of IT across the blogosphere: Chuck is always good for a post or two; IBM spoke up the other day; and there are even reports that “Hey, this … Continue reading

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Product Management

Awhile back I got a call on a Friday night that is familiar to many consultants, “Can you be in City X on Monday morning?”¬† The program manager on the other end of the phone remembered hearing that I had … Continue reading

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re: Outsourcing & margins

Ted’s post on Outsourcing almost but not quite totally ignored his best observation: customer satisfaction and margins. This follow-up corrects the oversight. Continue reading

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One of my biggest pet peeves over the years has been utilization or capacity reporting.¬† I firmly believe that in order to figure out how to transform an environment into a more efficient one you have to first know what … Continue reading

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Outsourcing & margins

It seems about 50% of my clients these days have outsourced, are thinking about outsourcing or are insourcing.¬† Some of my customers are themselves outsourcers.¬† An interesting facet of the model these days is the introduction of new services to … Continue reading

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Wherein I Learn A Lesson About Geocaching

I love reading the logs.  One out of 100 logs is just a side splitter.  Today I found one. I called Calipers to ask him about one of my caches and the moment he answers I know he’s already read … Continue reading

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It’s Been a While

It’s been over a week since I last wrote, but I have been sick as heck and working like crazy. I do have 3 in the hopper and I have been asked to write for another blog, actually. I am … Continue reading

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The changing nature of Information Technology

I’ve been lucky enough to be in our industry for the last 17 or so years and I have seen all sorts of changes, as we all have. If I think back to my days as a research assistant at … Continue reading

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