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c:geo gone, but not forgotten

If you have been following any of the hot topics on the Geocaching front lately you know that Carnero has stopped development on his c:geo Geocaching app for the Android mobile OS.  It seems Carnero takes exception to the perceived … Continue reading

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The ever expanding Digital Universe

IDC Released their 2011 Digital Universe Study and the results are pretty amazing: data is doubling every two years!  This is the fifth year that the IDC has released this study and each year I continue to be surprised by … Continue reading

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Security needs Automation

Recently there’s been some chatter about the role of automation in Security and whether it is appropriate or not as a business strategy much less a security strategy.  Jeffrey Carr states that EMC’s wrong that automation is an efficiency and security … Continue reading

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Trusted Cloud? Essential, not optional.

I recently wrote about the FBI raid at DigitalOne, where law enforcement seized far more servers than were under suspicion from a data center. This caused unnecessary outages and business disruption. I argued briefly that a company hosting its compute … Continue reading

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Not the best reason to move to the cloud…

…but it will do. The details are somewhat sketchy, but it looks like an FBI raid over the ne’er-do-wells at LulzSec at hosting provider DigitalOne got a little over enthusiastic, grabbing several RACKS of servers instead of several servers (or … Continue reading

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Things I Learned Visiting Montana

Things I learned visiting Montana this week: Geocaching in Montana is not at all what I expected. I was looking for ammo cans sprinkled everywhere like so much sawdust from the local mill. Not so much. They like to hide … Continue reading

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13 Assassins and Honor

I’ve not really been able to indulge my movie addiction much since the birth of my daughters.  Being a parent certainly changes your priorities, and living many hours away from your closest relative limits your babysitting opportunities.  The price of … Continue reading

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What Geocaching Can Teach Us About Demand Management

Welcome! As my inaugural post on The Practical Polymath I wanted to make some kind of introduction, maybe a little getting to know you post…you know, something soft.  Truthfully, you don’t care about me so let’s just dive right in with … Continue reading

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