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In which Jack Welch and I share nothing more than a haircut

Well, not really.  Jack still has more hair than me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAlmq0_0EwI I’m something of an IT subversive.  I like to consider myself a “blue collar IT guy” because so much of what I’ve done in IT reminds me of plumbing … Continue reading

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Wait, you just got Twitter?

Yes, I can finally be found on Twitter (again, actually) as @TheKinzuaKid.  You might try to say I am behind the times but you would be wrong.

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What Geocaching Can Teach Us About Demand Management

Welcome! As my inaugural post on The Practical Polymath I wanted to make some kind of introduction, maybe a little getting to know you post…you know, something soft.  Truthfully, you don’t care about me so let’s just dive right in with … Continue reading

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Mission Statement

It may seem like we’re a bit late to the game starting a new blog to appeal to geeks in this day and age but we think we’re on to something a little different.  Peter and I have worked together … Continue reading

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