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In which Jack Welch and I share nothing more than a haircut

Well, not really.  Jack still has more hair than me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAlmq0_0EwI I’m something of an IT subversive.  I like to consider myself a “blue collar IT guy” because so much of what I’ve done in IT reminds me of plumbing … Continue reading

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EMC World 2012

I mustered the best grimace I could and still I failed.  You’d think I’ve never been to a conference before, what with my swag bag, backpack, shirt full of cards and pens…I’m missing only the pocket protector and a sign … Continue reading

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Can you believe “ILM” is still an open question?

I’m writing this post on a dare.  I was challenged to write about some of the questions we thought were settled in 2005 but that in 2012 are again hot topics as we head into EMC World 2012.  This one … Continue reading

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