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Dealers call Tesla factory stores illegal

Dealers call Tesla factory stores illegal. Let me get this straight…the dealer network, which has invested nothing in the company and had no interest in Tesla finally noticed that, hey, these guys might actually be on to a decent product … Continue reading

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Analytics and Big Data for Infrastructure

I had an interesting conversation a few weeks ago and was asked where am I placing my big bets for the future of IT. I’ve been very interested in Big Data and Analytics for awhile now and this question made … Continue reading

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Professor for a Day

A very good friend of mine, Terez Anderson, is a professor of Speech Communication at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA.  She and I attended San Diego State University together.  Now she works with my old Forensics coach at MiraCosta, Neil … Continue reading

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My home as a test bed for Data Management, ILM Policy, and Catalogs

I know I am opening myself up for some ridicule and perhaps more than a few comparisons but my house has a few terabytes of data to manage.  Eight terabytes of files, pictures, movies, audio and miscellaneous “stuff” in the … Continue reading

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Another good reason to not have a cat

How much do cats actually kill? [Infographic] – The Oatmeal. You’re going to eradicate the field mice and rats?  Ok…but you don’t stop there, do you?

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