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So it’s called the Oxford Comma?

I had no idea.  I have fought with friends, family and colleagues over this for years.  I am decidedly on the “anti” team unless the comma is absolutely necessary for clarity.  In that case, I normally rewrite the sentence to … Continue reading

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So Much Sesame Street Win

Let’s see how much good life for the geeks we can cram in here: Parenthood?  Check. Guitar?  Check. Drums?  Check. Same guy plays both?  Check. Sesame Street?  Check. Big finish with “C is for Cookie”? And Mate. Sesame Street …ROCKS! … Continue reading

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Do investors use English?

…and does anyone understand this article at all? The Double-Bottom Base First Starts Out As A Cup – Yahoo! Finance. I read it and get the sense I am reading a rugby match recap: …all cleared double-bottom bases at one … Continue reading

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Big Data, Meet the Mouse

Caveat: Peter is both a stockholder of The Walt Disney Company (DIS) and one of the world’s biggest mouse-ear-wearing nutjobs.  You can occasionally find him sipping coffee on the Lilly Belle. I should probably have titled this “Oh, I see … Continue reading

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Skeptic does not mean what you think it means

UFO Spotted in Sky Above Cardwell, Australia, by ‘World’s Biggest Sceptic’ [VIDEO] – IBTimes UK. Warning: auto-play videos on that page. Sorry, bloke, but if your first answer to “gee, what are those lights?” is “UFO!” you aren’t any kind … Continue reading

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