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In which I get Googled by my daughter

I’m raising a pair of nerds in the Kraatz Data Cavern, it would seem.  Today I was Googled by my own daughter, who says to me: Daddy, is this you? Granted, there wasn’t much to go by in that empty … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Towers: Are We STILL Having This Conversation?

Christina Wise is a friend of mine who lives in Boulder Creek, CA.  She recently recounted in an editorial “A Story of Cell Phone Towers and Bad Chi”.  It’s sad, really, because it shows just how powerful, mean and destructive … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Europa Report

I got stuck in DFW for what should have been an hour but ended up being the better part of a day.  Since it felt like I had taken a journey of several hundred million miles, the only fitting thing … Continue reading

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Isilon/Syncplicity File Sharing: Get Some

A nice review of the concept(s) I’m about to discuss can be found at GeekFluent; link below.  Yes, it’s a dated post but I don’t do anything in a hurry.  Read up, here: EMC Announces Joint Isilon/Syncplicity File Sharing Solution … Continue reading

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The Header Graphics – Part 1

If you’re checking out the site you’ll notice Ted and I have a rotating header/banner graphic that usually shows some stock image from a photo gallery.  I’ve been asked where I found them and “hey, can you send me a … Continue reading

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On Selecting Workloads for Catalog, Cloud and Architecture Requirements

Maximizing the output of your limited time and resources for a workload analysis. We do a lot of work building service catalogs, looking for infrastructure cost optimization opportunities and assessing workloads for suitability to a cloud service provider or general … Continue reading

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Advice for our New Hires

We just wrapped up a multi-week bootcamp this month for some recent college graduate hires we call the GSAP program in EMC Consulting (now EMC Global Services).  It’s the most successful talent acquisition program we run and I am a … Continue reading

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