In which I get Googled by my daughter

Reelect JFKI’m raising a pair of nerds in the Kraatz Data Cavern, it would seem.  Today I was Googled by my own daughter, who says to me:

Daddy, is this you?

Granted, there wasn’t much to go by in that empty IMDB entry but while there are a ton of Kraatzes in the area, only 4 people worldwide share my full name (including me) so she drew a pretty solid line from the link to me.  Reasoning and research skills?  The nerd is strong with her.  I’m a proud papa. 

I’m also guilty.

I played the voice of Robert Kennedy in the 1995 role playing game Reelect JFK.  A review can be found here.  It was named “best role playing game of 1995” by MacWorld magazine, which I assume is a good thing since I’ve never read MacWorld.  Personally, I liked the story.  It wasn’t a big seller but then I didn’t get paid a dime and have no residual rights so that matters little (I volunteered).  If I had it all to do over again I would have spent more time preparing the voice.  I did a passable job but could do it a lot better today.  Upper-class Mass accents are a bit tough to master (and “Pahk the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd” just don’t cut it) .  The guy who did JFK’s voice was awesome.  He wasn’t a JFK clone but really did a fine job interpreting that voice.

So thanks, Frank (Director) and Marie (Writer), for providing a little fodder for my daughter.  “Dad was in a video game” is a lot cooler than just “dad’s on an airplane a lot.”

I’ll take all the cool I can get with the kids.

[Update 08/07/2013: I had to inform my wife of this funny conversation with the daughter and she expressed complete surprise, immediately pulling up her IMDB app, probably to check just how many degrees of separation I have with Erik Estrada.  So thanks again; I got a handful of cool points from the whole family, all in one day]

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2 Responses to In which I get Googled by my daughter

  1. FRANKLIN says:

    I find the use of words that I have to look up in the dictionary like “fatuous” offensive.

    • Peter says:

      I’m surprised you know any of the words, seeing as how you’re a spammer at from China who leaves port 80 open. I thought you guys were better than that. So disappointing. Just for future reference, “Fatuous” can mean “unreal or illusory”, also “imaginary” like your fake e-mail address and link I deleted. It generally is taken to mean “foolish” or “silly.”

      I delete scores of spam replies every day but this was the best one yet.

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