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Cisco’s VNI Forecast Projects…whatever the hell it wants

Cisco’s VNI Forecast Projects the Internet Will Be Four Times as Large in Four Years – The Network: Cisco’s Technology News Site. I really want to love a study that uses the term zettabyte without a trace of sarcasm but … Continue reading

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Dragon is: CAPTURED!

Dragon is approaching the space station – UPDATED: CAPTURED! | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine. Awesome.  Just awesome.  I’ve been watching SpaceX for a long time and was a little concerned when they had to abort a launch recently due … Continue reading

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APOD: 2012 May 24 – All the Water on Europa

APOD: 2012 May 24 – All the Water on Europa. I love these “universe to scale” pictures.  You will, too.  It is difficult to accept when you first see the scale of the Earth and the tiny little bubble of … Continue reading

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Tackling that unstructured data mess, practically

Yesterday I wrote a little about the resurgence of phone calls asking about ILM and played a bit of a highlight reel as to a workable strategy from the perspective of a Compliance expert.  The challenge, as I stated, was … Continue reading

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I’m not a product guy, but this needs a response…

Many of my colleagues are writing about the Megalaunch II announcements from EMC this week, which is nice because I’m not a product guy and my contribution would be overkill anyway.  See how easily I justify my laziness? That story … Continue reading

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Congratulations SpaceX!

America, you may now return to your regularly scheduled program of space exploration.  This time, I know the mission will be a success.  They brought along the finest engineer to keep the engines in tip top shape.

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Can you believe “ILM” is still an open question?

I’m writing this post on a dare.  I was challenged to write about some of the questions we thought were settled in 2005 but that in 2012 are again hot topics as we head into EMC World 2012.  This one … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse Pictures? We got that.

Owing to some Luddites in the family, I keep all my astrophotography on Facebook.  We had some cloudy but still impressive views here from 33N, 117W.  My solar filter?  A Mylar toy wrapper over the end of my Canon lens. … Continue reading

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Inexact Processing? This channels my inner nerd.

Tip of the hat to Fark for this gem. Some processing tasks just don’t require absolute precision or accuracy in calculation, namely, human interface tasks. Enter “Inexact Processing”. Through some interesting cuts to the processor, fiddling with power and managing … Continue reading

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Stupid interview questions deserve less

As usual, Nick Corcodilos has the correct take on dealing with stupid interview questions.  Still, I’m waiting for the “get up and leave the room” option.  Nick runs a business placing just the right talent in the right role and … Continue reading

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