Stupid interview questions deserve less

As usual, Nick Corcodilos has the correct take on dealing with stupid interview questions.  Still, I’m waiting for the “get up and leave the room” option.  Nick runs a business placing just the right talent in the right role and so has to maintain some decorum.  Me?  I’d probably just walk out.  I if I liked the company I might call investor relations to let them know they have morons as hiring managers who can’t be bothered to read a resume or type a name into Google.

We just completed a whirlwind few days of candidate assessments.  This stuff is easy.  Why do people with their canned questions want to make it hard to hire good people?  The problem for us is just finding all the talent we need.  The last thing I would want to do is piss them off or waste their time with questions like “what’s your biggest fault?” or “if you were an animal…”

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  1. Peter — Thanks for your pointed post about this topic! But the link you included wanders to a “not found” error. In any case, so nice to hear an employer talk about pissing off good candidates with silly questions. I wish more managers thought this way!

  2. Peter says:

    Thanks, Nick. For some reason WP took the Blogroll link instead of the permalink. All better now.

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