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Spam Cache Hides? Say it ain’t so!

Trolling the forums I came across this gem of a topic: LuckyPlan asks… Where we live, there is a cacher who ownes about 2 1/2 thousand caches under his account. Many/most are of very poor quality and of course, unmaintained. … Continue reading

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c:geo gone, but not forgotten

If you have been following any of the hot topics on the Geocaching front lately you know that Carnero has stopped development on his c:geo Geocaching app for the Android mobile OS.  It seems Carnero takes exception to the perceived … Continue reading

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Quick and Dirty Update

I’ve hit over 85,000 Geocaching miles.  Suck it, Lotrat. Calipers pointed out I need to review GeoBuddy and compare it to GSAK.  Stay tuned. Somebody was musing about a North SD County meet and greet.  Let’s get it on, folks. … Continue reading

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Why Is All the Swag Crap?

An interesting question has been put to the forums by a new Geocacher:  “What’s the deal with degenerating swag?“.  The responses are right on the money and I think I am in agreement with the masses.  The quality of Geocaching … Continue reading

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More Geocaching Bomb Scare Nonsense

A thread got started in January on the Geocaching forums,  Caches to Ashes and Ammo Cans to Dust, one that is right up my alley because things get asploded! Sadly, it’s a Geocache that gets blown up in this picture.  … Continue reading

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Interview With Marko Ramius: The Reviewer (part 2)

The Setup In the first article on Re-Introducing the 3rd Player: The Reviewer I just covered a few basics. This time around I have a bona-fide Reviewer who was kind enough to indulge me a few questions on your behalf. … Continue reading

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New Geocaching.Com GPS Reviews Feature

Have you noticed the “GPS” profile data feature on lately?  This is a bit of a sneaky back door for a feature I have been clamoring about for ages: Proper GPS reviews by the people who use them I … Continue reading

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Re-Introducing the Third Player: The Reviewer (part 1)

Deep in the bowels of Groundspeak headquarters, somewhere in the vicinity of N47 37.000 and W122 21.000 lies an ancient and terrible cult with enormous power and influence.  Some call them the Tripartite Commission.  Some know them as the “new … Continue reading

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Be Careful Out There

I recently admonished a disbelieving fellow cacher about the need to be careful where one places a hide, lest hider and seeker alike attract the attention of busybodies, worrywarts and overreactive public servants.  You know, the armed ones.  Heck, it’s … Continue reading

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I’ve had some junk clogging up my computer over the past few days, preventing me from doing any writing at all.  I lost a complete post in all the muck yesterday, which was very nearly the same experience I had … Continue reading

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