New Geocaching.Com GPS Reviews Feature

Have you noticed the “GPS” profile data feature on lately?  This is a bit of a sneaky back door for a feature I have been clamoring about for ages:

Proper GPS reviews by the people who use them

I don’t know why they’re hiding the feature; it is not terribly well advertised, but you can access the main GPS review pages, here.

You can select the manufacturer and model, then see what other folks have to say.  Since these are ALL Geocachers I think you will find a more appropriate set of commentary than in the general intert00b space.

If you are daring enough to add your own review, just view your profile and check for this on the right hand side:

From your Profile Page

From your Profile Page

There have been some questions in the forums on this lately, but nobody’s looking at the hundreds of reviews for every device already on

Enjoy, and Happy Caching!

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2 Responses to New Geocaching.Com GPS Reviews Feature

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  2. Barbie says:

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