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The Fight for Forensics | Stephanie Schroeder I cannot believe I am doing this, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut on occasion.  Today’s blind squirrel is HuffPo.  The nut is this post from Stephanie Schroeder regarding Forensics programs. Some of her reasoning is a … Continue reading

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Public Speaking for Professionals

For those of you in the July 23, 2015 workshop, I’ll update this post with the actual presentation in a few days.  For now, use this as a dumping ground thread for comments and discussion.

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A letter to the editor on CA SB 277

One of my friends sent me this article in a local (Northern California) paper that mentions my own State Assembly representative here in Southern California.  The “Letter to the Editor” brief (TL;DR) version is above the fold.  More detail is … Continue reading

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