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A few of my favorite 2017 things . . .

This has been a very interesting year in my household. It certainly seems to have flown by as well. I’ve been fortune enough to have discovered some really cool stuff this year, and they certainly show where my priority lies … Continue reading

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Animation Throwdown Rumble Strategy Guide

Incredibly Biased and Probably Daft Peter Kraatz, aka KinzuaKid Last Updated December, 2017 Introduction This is a strategy guide for Animation Throwdown Rumble Play. I wrote this guide with my current guild in mind. Thanks for the feedback, Robot High … Continue reading

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It’s been awhile

Howdy. It’s been awhile since I’ve darkened this particular internet doorway. Peter’s been doing a standup job keeping the site running and churning out interesting content, much thanks to him! A lot has happened since I last checked in, I’ll … Continue reading

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