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I want to transform my approach to IT, but…

I get e-mail: Pete, I have a client that wants to explore IT transformation and maybe move to a cloud or “As a Service” model but the managers keep throwing up this objection- At this point the writer inserts one … Continue reading

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Wait, you mean leaks/breaches don’t all come from “The Cloud”?

WorkiLeaks: How to Be a Workplace Leaker Without Getting Caught | Threat Level | With all the gnashing of teeth around securing “The Cloud” I figured the fact that someone can send an e-mail or steal a printout would … Continue reading

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Getting to Chargeback in “As a Service” Models: Think Pizza

A recent industry conference featured session after session of presentations where people asked (appropriately or not, for the session) how they were supposed to do chargeback in the cloud.  After listening to the sessions and queries I concluded the question … Continue reading

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In Honor of Ted’s Profile Picture That is all.

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Nice Study, but Where’s the Rest?

Forbes covered the release of Symantec’s Smartphone Honey Stick Project.  It was a nicely put together study that promised to tell us much about the risks associated with losing your phone.  I read through it looking for the implications, particularly … Continue reading

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