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Star Wars: I’m Good Now

I don’t see any Jar Jar Binks in this lot, so I’m happy.  My son, possibly the only Jar Jar fan in the galaxy, might disagree but it’s all good.

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RFPs: More free advice nobody will take

When I received a memo from one of my sales guys a while back regarding a small government RFP I immediately checked the article index for a quick link I could send to illustrate why we on the pointy end … Continue reading

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Denver Comic Con: Class Acts

Note: this post is almost as much a tale of classy people as it is an open letter to Ted concerning how my nerd is stronger than his nerd.  He does still have a Tesla, however, so I’m starting from … Continue reading

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Nerd Cred

I missed a few points for actually having enough social skills to get married.  Otherwise, it seems about right.

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High Frequency Trading and its Irrational Defense–sense-of-fairmess-fuels-furor-over-high-frequency-trading-160331096.html High frequency trading has been pulling the equivalent of an “Office Space” scam on the markets since, well, the day after electronic markets were opened in 1999.  The recent backlash by the general public takes me a bit by … Continue reading

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Using XP? After today, it’s virtual XP or not at all

That is, if you’re smart, because today is THE DAY.  Nevermind this advice on upgrading.  If you haven’t already or your enterprise hasn’t already, you’re probably not going to upgrade because: You’re a Luddite who is just now getting to … Continue reading

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