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Getting back to living. . .

I spend a lot of time talking with customers and my team about transformation.  How we can transform IT, how we can transform our relationship with our customers, and how can we transform our business to continue to compete and … Continue reading

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13 Assassins and Honor

I’ve not really been able to indulge my movie addiction much since the birth of my daughters.  Being a parent certainly changes your priorities, and living many hours away from your closest relative limits your babysitting opportunities.  The price of … Continue reading

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Why Is All the Swag Crap?

An interesting question has been put to the forums by a new Geocacher:  “What’s the deal with degenerating swag?“.  The responses are right on the money and I think I am in agreement with the masses.  The quality of Geocaching … Continue reading

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Follow-Up to a Questionable Hide

About a month or two ago a new hide popped up in the area.  It was in a clearly marked “off limits” area but because other caches had been placed in the vicinity I believe the owner was under the impression a … Continue reading

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I Need Geocaching Advice

Before you say “Duh!” (I’m looking at you, Doug) I must say I’m serious.  I really need help. It’s the new “Virtual Caching” phenomenon that has taken hold.  Some people call it “Armchair Caching“, but what I am talking about … Continue reading

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Why You Should Wait Before Placing Your First Hide

I read in one of the forums and how-to guides on Geocaching way back when that you should wait until you have at least 20 finds before placing your first hide.  This was to give the new player time to … Continue reading

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How can this be fun if you’ve seen it all before?

A colleague asked me this not too long ago.  I went into a long dissertation on the game, why I play and blah blah blah…  Then I saw this log from GC13KPZ (sorry, too lazy to link to the thing … Continue reading

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