I Need Geocaching Advice

Before you say “Duh!” (I’m looking at you, Doug) I must say I’m serious.  I really need help.

It’s the new “Virtual Caching” phenomenon that has taken hold.  Some people call it “Armchair Caching“, but what I am talking about is taking it to new heights of absurdity.  I mentioned it briefly in my post about log checking.  There are a number of Geocacher(s) in the area who have logged dozens if not hundreds of finds on Geocaching.com that simply never happened.  The finds are provably impossible to have logged, ranging the following scenarios:

  • Caches that were home for maintenance for weeks before and after the find was logged
  • Caches that were completely destroyed months before the find was logged
  • Caches logged from multiple continents on the same day
  • Puzzles and multi-caches whose solutions were impossible to obtain due to errata or missing waypoints
  • Caches that were clearly archived
  • Caches both archived and located in areas clearly off-limits or inaccessible
  • “I was standing here all day and nobody came by” situations

Other than deleting the logs, what can one do?  I have explained the problems with this behavior in my log checking post and I need a solution.  Well, I WANT a solution, mainly because it degrades the quality of caches.  I couldn’t care less about the cachers’ find counts or “cheating”.

Any ideas?  Comment away…

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