Junk Mail Is Fun

Somehow I’m on Techgtarget’s spam list and this is what graced the inbox this morning:

Gartner research suggests that any data center site that is more than 7 years old is obsolete.  Whether true or false, constructing a new data center is sometimes the only solution for outdated or overcrowded data centers.However, many newdata center builds and expansions end up failing -resulting in a massive waste of time and money for the organization.

Expand your knowledge with this white paper that presents the top 9 mistakes to avoid when expanding or constructing a data center facility. Though many data center builds result in failure,it’s not inevitable.Keep reading to learn an effective way to achieve success with a focusedtotal(sp) costof(sp) ownership (TCO) approach.

This is why I don’t read either of these publications (TT or Gartner): they read like Fox News, The Daily Mail or the National Enquirer.  Apologies to the National Enquirer.

What Gartner research?  What could possibly be outdated in just 7 years?  How is it that many multi-million and potentially multi-billion dollar construction projects “fail” and we don’t hear about that until a ridiculous spam letter, but one dude has mold problems in a $400K Pulte home and there’s a blog dedicated to spreading the word?  How much money do these fictional organizations lose?  I may never know the answers to these questions because you have to register to read, but I’m pretty sure a focusedtotal costof ownership approach will have about zero impact on the success of a construction project.

Hiring a competent general contractor?  Now we’re talking…

Update: Found the article.  It’s a 3 year old paper from APC/Schneider Electric that is yet another reason why we can’t have nice things in this industry (no citations, unsupported claims, horrific writing, generally bullshit all around).  Read it for a laugh, #6 in particular and then tell me if I should or should not use a modular design.  I’m so confused.


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