I Officially Suck

The boss and I (Ted, back me up on this one) have been remiss.  We’ve been distracted for the last month or so.  My travel schedule changed radically, it is the end of the quarter, kids are back to school, I have been wearing in a new pair of shoes, my car needed a lot of emergency work, you get the picture.

We suck at prioritizing our time.

Enough.  We have a laundry list of good stuff on which to catch up:

  • The Knapps (the aforementioned shoes)
  • Vmworld
  • The winter night sky is coming (which means more astro pics!)
  • Data Management and the proliferation of multi terabyte home NAS installations
  • IT service catalogs, automated “tiering” technology and why they are not the same thing
  • Geocaching
  • More stupid “tech news
  • …and even more interesting conversations with my clients

I cannot speak for Ted, but I am going to fill your RSS feed presently.

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