Wherein I Get Pwned

On my own blog, no less.

I made this braggadocio entry about my mileage and states knocked off the list with a find and then a single commenter weighs in: Lotrat, with some even more impressive stats.  18:32 with 56K miles and including a pair of smileys in China.

I’m jealous.  I was supposed to go to Hong Kong this year but kept missing my connection due to weather delays.  When I heard Lotrat was heading over there for a trip I knew he’d have a couple to throw in my face.  Punk.

Now go get one in North Korea and I’ll stay impressed.  Just one- that’s all you need to log.  😉

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One Response to Wherein I Get Pwned

  1. lotrat says:

    All that from a guy who doesn’t even cache anymore and has half as many finds as you. It’s gotta hurt a little.

    I’m going to Canada this summer!

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