Free GSAK Key For the Taking

This is GSAK, or Geocaching Swiss Army Knife.  I’ve written about GSAK before, both here and here.

A good handful of you thieving pirates have found this blog by way of Google searches for “GSAK Key”, “GSAK Crack” and a handful of other search terms that are both indicting and depressing all at the same time.  You probably found your way here because you are trying to avoid this:

GSAK Nag Screen

GSAK Nag Screen

First off, this is one of the cooler nag screens you’re going to see.  It is the GSAK Spouse, after all.  But let’s break this down for a minute.  I want you to meet Clyde:


Ok, so it isn’t Clyde himself but rather his avatar (I couldn’t afford the celebrity speaking fees for the actual Clyde).  Clyde is presumably a dude, this dude likes caching and enjoys keeping GSAK purring under the hood enough that he quit his day job to focus on GSAK.  So his livelihood is based on making GSAK a profitable venture.  Since some of you people are trying to pirate (aka shoplift, steal, purloin, lift, dispossess) Clyde’s day to day work product this must be some steep licensing we’re talking about, eh?

Wait, what?  It’s only 25 bucks?  And you get free updates?  And he throws in major version updates occasionally?  And the software continues to work absolutely perfectly except for the occasional inconvenience of having to see a nag screen?  Oh, then you must be trying to get back at “the man”, kind of like the way you get back at the man when you steal all the good cache swag out there in trade  for worthless junk.  It’s getting back at “the man” in that cheap bastard, shameless entitlement, free ride, tragedy of the commons sort of way (aka stealing, absconding, cheating, conning, defrauding).  You probably don’t vaccinate your kids, either, because of the “toxins”, your intense hatred towards children and your genetic disposition to freeload.  Your head needs some clearing.  Let me help…

At the time of this post there are roughly 57,000 Geocachers who would have an indisputably compelling use for GSAK.  These are the cachers with 200 finds or more you see reported on Cacherstats. Let’s say Clyde wanted to make a consistent $50K a year out of this venture.  I have to be honest- this isn’t a great salary for all that talent but snagging 2,000 licenses a year for a product like GSAK would be pretty much teh awesome!  (Clyde, if you’re getting that kind of user base I am stoked for you).  But not everybody wants to use GSAK.  That figure is probably 25%-50% of the total.  Based on those assumptions you have 20,000 probable motivated customers out there, worldwide.  That’s not counting the people who just want a free serial number from a Google search (aka embezzlers, hustlers, pilferers, swindlers).

With that, there are not a lot of years for GSAK to support Clyde from 2,000 users at a time.  This is not the most stable or income rich arrangement.  Remember; Clyde is a dude.  The dude has to eat.  GSAK is how he eats, you animals!  I don’t even think Clyde is pulling down that many licenses a year.  Why?


Now think of all the cool stuff Clyde has on offer:

  • 100% hand-made custom programming
  • Direct support access to the freakin’ programmer himself
  • Forums and repositories where you can get help, request enhancements or download a whole whack of macros
  • Software that is fully functional without registration, but with reasonably cheap and nonintrusive licensing terms to boot
  • The knowledge that if you license your copy you are directly supporting a talented member of the Geocaching community and very likely a guy (dude) who has signed some of the same logs you have

So go support Clyde and stop cheaping out.  If you like GSAK and you want to use it, pony up the $25 and keep a brother hard at work on the keyboard.

If that entreaty isn’t enough to stop you avoiding the nag screen by stealing then you pirates should try a different Google search.

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11 Responses to Free GSAK Key For the Taking

  1. El Calibrador says:

    How does GeoBuddy compare with GSAK?

  2. kinzuakid says:

    Stand by- I will have to check!

  3. Karl-Johan says:

    You caught me with my pants down!!! I’ll promis you,and Clyde, that I WILL pay for this freakin’ good program called gsak.

  4. kinzuakid says:

    I love how this one post still gets 5 hits a day. Enjoy, pirates. 😉

  5. kinzuakid says:

    Oh yeah- Clyde actually responded to an inquiry of mine and he’s a super nice guy. I’m still not a user, but that’s one handy tool he built.

  6. Cliff says:

    I’m not a thief, but I can tell you many of the so-called “trial version” software often has key elements blocked that some would like to “try” before they “buy”. (i.e. GeoBuddy). If you’re going to offer trial software make it a full working version or don’t bother!

    Nothing is worse than throwing good money after bad on software that doesn’t fit the bill… whether it is $60 or $6 it adds up.

    I’m going to try the GSAK and I hope I can really take it for a test drive and not get “teased”.

    As for the Pirates, like the poor they unfortunately will always be with us.

  7. kinzuakid says:

    Cliff, you’re spot on. GSAK is 100% open to the public during the trial period, so you’re okay. The nag screen just gets longer and longer (it is actually pretty funny, once you get to like 5 minutes of nag screen wait like I did last year). Geobuddy was completely nerfed for its trial and it kept crashing on me. I’m with you: don’t give me a try before you buy with anything less than 100% functionality.

  8. Rattlebars says:

    Look. I installed GSAK four years ago and did not like it and uninstalled the first day. Now, I’d like to give it another try. Are you kidding me? I have to wait eight minutes to try it again. BULL!

    I’m going to ask for another trial. We will see what he says. Elsewise, Clyde can … well…

    • kinzuakid says:

      First off: I am impressed you were able to keep a single PC image up and running for 4 years. I can barely make 1 year without reinstalling everything.
      Second: Darn. I didn’t realize the counter kept incrementing even after you’d removed the software. That’s not helpful at all. What would be helpful is a survey of users, polling their reasons for using GSAK (and what features are they using). That would help me decide whether to throw out the three different tools I am using (happily, I add) in favor of GSAK or not. It would probably save you the grief of reinstalling and waiting.

      Sadly, nobody reads this tripe and a survey is highly improbable.

  9. Clint says:

    ….yip, indeed it is only $25 dollars but not all of us live in the US (although some of you seem to think there is no world outside of the US!) and with the exchange rate and the relative purchasing power of our currency $25 is actually a hefty sum!

  10. JoeBlack says:

    We know there is a world outside of the US but really, who cares?

    If you want to use the program, pay the $25, if not, delete it and SHUT UP!

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