How investors can make money off the ‘cloud’ – write empty articles

How investors can make money off the ‘cloud’ –

Just get paid to write more articles like this about “the cloud”.  If you never have to speak clearly, define any terms or even use them correctly and still get paid, “the cloud” is highly profitable.

Oh, wait, you wanted to know how companies are actually going to make money in using cloud solutions?  Yeah, no.  That’s not in there.  I especially like the EMC 1999 flashback:

And EMC (EMC) is in the business of providing computer storage equipment, which is one of the critical aspects of providing cloud-based services.

I won’t get those 2 minutes of my life back, sadly, but I should not have expected more of USA Today.  The good news?  I think I just found someone less well informed than my near-Luddite father.  My dad will be pleased when I tell  him a technology commentator knows less than a guy who doesn’t know there’s pr0n on the Internet.  I think I’ll let him know about 4chan tonight, his health insurance is pretty good.

PS: the comments on Fark are priceless.  They reminded me of this old gem.

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