My Nominee for Rookie of the Year

Has to go to Photo Trekkers.  They laid down their Easter Egg series (haw haw) recently and I really want them to keep it around past Easter.  There are problems with these caches to be sure, like coordinates and containers but they got a few things right that you just never see…

  1. Container Size
    All of these containers were the right size for the location.  No little micros in a bush you just hiked a mile to find.  Win!
  2. Locations
    6 hides, 6 pretty darned good off road locations and no urban density.  Win!
  3. SWAG
    All of them were stuffed with appropriate SWAG for those of you who trade.  I don’t, but I like looking through it all.  Win!

So there you have it.  Pay them caches a visit and if you’re local to North San Diego County, give ’em a shout!  (and tell them we’d love to see more)

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