Have I Mentioned I Am a Geek?

You could call me a Geek-O-Cacher. 🙂

I am right at this moment about to prove my geek credentials.  What do all these things have in common?  Read on and find out

Some time ago, EMC of Northridge, CA logged a few of my caches and reminded me to tell this story to some of the local cachers.  I’d been following her travels here and there for one simple reason; I work for EMC. The thought of an EMC office Geocaching team was intriguing and with a find count up in the ionosphere like that I just KNEW it was a team.  And that one dumbass assumption connects all of these items in one contiguous thread.

If you’re one of the 6 people who care about this, read on… 😉

If you’ve never read James Burke, you should.  I’m kind of ripping his whole schtick off here.  So I’m sitting around a couple years ago, working for EMC and finding myself on the road a lot consulting on large scale data storage matters.  Petabytes, even.  It’s just my thing.  Some people are biologists, some people are entertainers.

I’m a professional data storage and information security geek.  Is it any wonder I Geocache?  But I digress…

One of my daily “gotta read this blog” tasks is to check in and see what the Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait is up to.  I’ve missed running into this guy in real life by a hair about 9 times and we appear to share a love of the not stupid, as well as Star Trek.  My love of Star Trek is mainly limited to the Original Series and “Enterprise”, but Phil has enough regular posts about the subject of Star Trek I am repeatedly stirred to check out this or that development in whatever SciFi happenings are hopping that day.  It was a post by Phil, probably completely unrelated to the real matter at hand, that led me to discovering the Original Series was getting a facelift, including some new audio.

And if you are a fan of Star Trek, the Original Series, there is one bit of audio you should have committed to memory: the haunting and just plain magnificent vocals in the title sequence.

You can see where this is going.  As I settled down one evening to read Bad Astronomy and to log my finds after an evening Geocaching walk I finally connected the dots.  EMC of Northridge, CA has nothing whatsoever to do with data storage and the Geocaching team I couldn’t seem to find in my own company.

She’s the voice of the remastered audio for Star Trek.  She’s also one committed Geocacher.

And I’m one committed geek.

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