Some Visitors

It looks like I have a little more than the usual traffic, so welcome all!  If you have specific topics or how-tos you want me to cover please feel free to contact me through my profile (handy link to the right).  Remember, I mind meld with your gear.  You may not know how to operate it but I love figuring it out for you.

Failing that, you can always try peterkraatz at cox dot net.  End of quarter has been evil, so stand by- I promise to finish my series on the reviewer with a few questions answered by Marko Ramius himself.

And remember, my resources pages have lots of handy templates for logs, stash notes and other goodies for your hiding/building pleasure.  It’s all free.

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2 Responses to Some Visitors

  1. Leonhard Paul Euler says:

    By “usual traffic” does that mean you have more than one regular reader?

    • kinzuakid says:

      This incredibly popular Geocaching blog averages just over 1 reader per day. Sometimes I actually get a whole second visitor instead of just a fraction, which is nice because those half-people are hard to keep track of. 😉

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