On the other hand, some articles actually make sense

Like this one.  My buddy Brian Helm forwarded me this link a few weeks ago, so thanks for the tip.  I don’t know who Ivan Pepelnjak is from Adam but I’m going to start recording his show.  Some of my favorite quotes, which the author actually had the guts to use in the article:

The most important question is not ‘OpenStack or vCloud Director?’ The most important question is, ‘What do you want to do?’

Amen, brother.  Consumerization of IT service delivery is where we are headed and cloud infrastructure delivery models are bringing us.  That consumerist perspective doesn’t start with “whaddya wanna buy, bub?” but “what do you want to do today?”

In the typical company or enterprise that should read “what WORK are you trying to do?”  But that’s not all.  The next sentence…

…most companies aren’t actually looking for a private cloud at all, Pepelnjak said. What they really want is the ability to automate some parts of VM provisioning. To be a true private cloud, IT must offer more.

Who is this guy?  I’m loving it.  Yes, that’s what the majority of my clients want: automated VM provisioning, automated account creation and automated storage allocation.  They don’t want Cloud (bigC) so much as an enhanced virtual farm (littleC cloud).  By that I mean to say they don’t want ubiquitous access, true dynamic resource allocation, consumption based chargeback and so forth.  They just want a better virtualization experience.

Most of the rest of his observations and comments are spot on.  It’s all about understanding the end user requirements and building a cloud that somebody will actually use, with documentation that helps them consume the resources to productive ends.  And let’s be sure to acknowledge that most of these “Cloud” builds are really just cloud-y.

I’m going to look for more material from Ivan.

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