Nick Corcodilos – Another thread that delivers

It’s got InfoSec, bad behavior from HR, privacy rights, references to this blog and some of my snarky responses to lazy employers.  Heck, even the comments are pretty good.

What’s not to like?  Go go go…

Ask The Headhunter® | Nick Corcodilos – How employers help scammers steal your Social Security number

The only way it could get better is if he was discussing how cloud apps accelerate the process of HR acting stupidly by making research and spam mail mindlessly easy to distribute (and immediately receive bad information).  What?  He already did that and the app is called “LinkedIn?”

I knew I liked that guy for a reason.

Side note, I have in fact used that confidentiality agreement he cites in more than one circumstance and made reference to it in a couple others.  Reasonable employers react quite well to the reasonable assertion that sensitive or company confidential information (like your salary history) should be disclosed only when absolutely necessary or never.  Preferably never.  The rest?  You don’t want to work for them.

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