Adopting a Geocache is Easy…Really

It is.  The problem is you have to search the knowledgebase every time you want to adopt a geocache because they don’t link to the process from anywhere you might think, intuitively, this would be a good idea.  So before I paste in my handy 3 step guide I’m imploring any Groundspeak folks who by accident stumble here to throw me a bone and-

  • Put a link on the Cache owner maintenance page, or
  • Put a link on the “Hide and Seek a Cache” page, or
  • Put an “invite the owner to give up for adoption” link on the cache description page or
  • ANYTHING that makes it easier to find the adoption form!

The reasons for this I will explain below the fold.  In the mean time, putting a geocache up for adoption is as simple as visiting

Note, I said “putting a geocache up for adoption” and not “adopting a geocache”.  Only the owner can initiate the process.  This sounds a whole lot more painful than it really is but I can see how this one way street prevents a LOT of shenanegins.  Here’s the guide. Do this for every geocache you want to put up for adoption (or send this to the owner of the cache you wish to adopt).

  1. The OWNER of the cache visits
  2. Enter the GCID into the box and hit the “lookup” button.  If you are the adopting party, it might be helpful to send those GCIDs to the owner just to be thorough.
  3. Enter the nickname/handle/user ID of the geocacher adopting the cache in the user lookup box and hit “Go”.

From there, it’s just about following the directions and responding to the e-mails.  This becomes a job for the adopter and it is a simple process.

The experienced geocacher (or at least experienced using the site) is probably not the one with the cache needing adoption, since the novice cacher is more likely to retire and abandon his/her caches.  The person least likely to understand the process has to kick it off.  This pegs the irony meter, but in truth this isn’t as painful as I make it sound.

Just follow the three step guide and you’re on your way!

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