Road Trip

Denver Comic Con is this weekend.  The younglings were unable to convince me to grow out the beard enough to cosplay as Heisenberg (the boy’s preference) or Gordon Freeman (the girl’s preference) but I can play a mean dork.

And by “mean dork” I’m talking about being a socially awkward asshole.  It comes naturally.

I like this event for a couple of reasons and have mentioned them in the past as a bunch of really nice folks, mainly because they are and for what they do to support the Pop Culture Classroom.  I had the privilege of sitting in on a half dozen literature panel sessions last year featuring some impressive scholarship.  Those turned me on to a pile of books, such as Maus by Art Spiegelman, that I would never have discovered otherwise.  By all accounts this kind of experience would not be possible in San Diego or New York, the other two large events of this caliber.

One of the other reasons I like the Denver show is the “guest” list.  I’ve heard complaints that “oh, DCC doesn’t have any A-List talent,” which is to say the complainant has an odd sense of who belongs on the A-List.  Everyone, including both the artists and guests (and sometimes they’re one in the same!) has been approachable and features a body of work, not just some flash in the pan moment.  Lena Headey?  You know her now from game of Thrones, sure, but what about 300?  Dredd?  Oh yeah…you forgot about Ma Ma, didn’t you?  Also on the Dredd theme, how about Karl Urban?  Star Trek, Lord of the Rings…Doom.  Granted, Doom was a box office flop but I loved the game and thought the movie, while awful, was fun to watch those 6 times if only because of Urban and Dwayne Johnson.

Good luck, DCC.  Here’s hoping for a smooth move-in and a great show.

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